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2021 - 2022


Chestnut Living Custom Homes

Greenville, SC

I worked hand in hand with owners Jon and Brandi Ward. They are a husband and wife duo - he runs the construction side of the business and she runs the interior design side of the business. Together, they offer an unmatched design-build service that serves the greater Greenville area. 

During my time here, I learned many skills in how to walk a job site and follow a project through different phases, furniture and selection procurement, and client communication and relationships within the residential side of Interior Design.

My skills learned here were completely residential focused and gave me a good understanding of building codes, and boots-on-the-ground experience of residential design from build to design.



Johnston Design Group

Greenville, SC

JDG is an architecture firm located in downtown Greenville, SC who work in both the residential and commercial side of the industry. Priding themselves on their focus for creating sustainable built environments, and working as a small, tight knit team, they are able to accomplish a lot in their work through Greenville, Alabama, Virginia and various other locations. 

During my time spent here, I was able to help establish the Interiors department via maintaining the physical sample library, digitalizing it, and maintaining vendor/rep relationships. I also worked hand in hand with the architects creating floorplans and design drawings to help detail the various aspects of the design to be implemented. 

I gained a lot of experience in commercial design here, focusing a lot on Multi-Family Housing, Tennent Up-Fit projects for restaurants and the like, as well as lending my graphic design skills for marketing development packages.



Various Locations

During college, in addition to Interior Design, Graphic Design was an integral part of our projects. Taking classes in Photoshop and InDesign, a passion for graphic representation of art as well as brand curation grew in me. Various clients began inquiring for my skills to assist establishing their businesses and organizations and continue to do so currently.

Among some of my clients are coffee shops, podcasts, content creators, and smaller organizations like homeschool co-ops and the like. 

I enjoy the process of marrying creativity and small business by coming along side people, collaborating and establishing their brand to help them show their audience what they have to offer, and in the mean time, encourage them in their efforts - I BELIEVE IN YOU!




BFA in Interior Design

Anderson, SC

Hailing from Colorado growing up, I approached my senior year in high school with the idea that it would be good to go out of state for college in order to broaden my horizons and get a taste for a different part of the country - it could only enrich my overall character and projection for my future. 

I applied to 7 different states and was accepted to all the universities I applied to, however ended up choosing Anderson University for its program in Interior Design due to its small size but depth in curriculum and well respected history. I knew Interior design was my path of choice, and had known it since middle school. Getting various exposure to the field via realtors and show homes, and then an internship with a well-known Denver based designer Andrea Schumacher my junior year really sealed the deal for me. 

Flash forward to graduation of college, I walked that stage and received my degree feeling confident in my skillset and talent, ready to hit the ground running that summer in Greenville. 

My time at Anderson taught me many skills ranging from software use for programs like Revit, Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, CAD, and Enscape, as well as parallel skills in Graphic Design and Art. The curricula really is best described by the term "Interior Architecture" as the skills taught go well beyond color theory and fabric selections, but delves into Revit and CAD where the architectural drawings and building codes are also taught and grown throughout all four years. 

Needless to say, I came out a well-rounded  Designer ready to tackle work the moment I stepped off campus grounds.

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Software knowledge: Revit, CAD, SketchUP, Photoshop, InDesign, Enscpape, Adobe Suite

Teamwork & Collaboration

Client relationships and communication

Rendering of exterior and interior elements

Intentional and timely delivery of materials

Business organization and communication

Graphic Design and Branding

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