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I've always made cards for my loved ones, for birthdays, special occasions, mother's day and father's day, and recently to celebrate my mom's well earned retirement. It's rare that I find a card that says all I want it to, so I frequently make my own. Through this, I find many people struggle with the very same thing - and sometimes these special cards even end up on display, for the love they bring someone and the reminder they serve as :) 

Whether its a print of art, a greeting card, a sticker or a canvas bag (or anything else you dream up) let's create your Well Rounded design OR browse the products on my Etsy Shop to see if one fits your needs already!


{ From Greeting Cards to Canvas Bags to Stickers & Prints }

"These canvas bags were so cute! Great way to represent the event and advertise the school of Interior Design!" - College American Society of Interior Design Event

"I loved the design of the FREEDOM card! I recently retired and seeing this graphic was a great representation of what the season I was coming up on had in store and I felt so celebrated and loved!" - Leslie DeFalco

"Working with Vienna was so fun, the picture turned out great and it was done in a timely manner!! She really captured the characteristics of my family members in the drawing!" - Shanie Rothman


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