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Here is a step by step guide to taking measurements and mapping out your space as best as possible to assist us in the digital mock-up of your space!

Don't worry, no architectural background or artistic skills needed ;)

Taking Measurements

Step 1

Grab a piece of paper and sketch a rough outline of the shape of the room. 

Proceed to take measurements of each wall in the room and note the length on the sketch per wall.

Step 2

On the same sheet, make a note where any windows, doors, or other openings are. Make note of the width of those items as well. 

Note what wall is North, South, East and West. 

Make note of where the entry into the room is.

Step 3

Note the height of the ceilings in the room.

Note any crown molding that is being kept and the rough height of the molding. 

Note the height of the baseboards if being kept as well.

Taking Pictures

Your sketch will provide the general info we need to generate a digital version of the space and create the design from there, but photos help IMMENSELY as they can clarify anything the sketch cannot. 

Be sure the take most angles of the room to give a sense of the space. We usually like to start at the entry point and pivot left and right from there and then go to the opposite side of the space and do the same thing. This will give good shots and a good understanding of the space. 

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